Zgadula – Party Charades

Greatest party game for you and your friends



Do you like the Heads Up! charades? Try Zgadula which can be played without internet access and is fully free.

Play with friends or strangers, drinking juice or bear, guessing thousands of phrases from dozen of available categories. Do you like to draw? Gesticulate? Using words to describe anything? Or maybe you are a humming and singing lover who believes that everything can be sung during the charades? That’s awesome! Pick the best category which fits you and your friends and start the party.

How to start? There’s nothing easier:

✔ Get a group of people eager to have fun (at least 2)
✔ Youngest player starts (pass him the phone)
✔ Player with the phone selects the desired category and puts the phone at the forehead (other players needs to see the screen)
✔ Remaining players decides what kind of hints they want to provide – words, show, draw, sing (whatever you like)
✔ Tap the screen once if you guessed the phrase, twice if you want to go directly to the next one
✔ Check the score and pass the phone to the next player
✔ Have fun!

Dozen of categories will fit every type of party. It doesn’t matter if you play it at home or in the pub. Sneak peek on what’s inside:

✔ Movies
✔ Animals
✔ TV series
✔ Games
✔ Companies & brands
✔ Star Wars
✔ Professions
✔ League of Legends
✔ Pokemons
✔ Fictional characters
✔ Things
✔ Food & drinks
✔ And many more to be added in incoming updates

We offer multiple types of charades – that’s up to you to decide how are you going to play! Hard to believe that? Simply try us, and you will never come back to the traditional charades.

The game is best played with your friends and family, but there is nothing to prevent you to use it to break the ice when you are at the party with new people. Just explain how to play and voila – have fun!


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