Animated QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner for Flutter with animated targetting box



A QR code scanner Widget that currently works on Android only (feel free to make pull request on iOS implementation) by natively embedding the platform view within Flutter.
This work is based on Julius Canute’s qr_code_scanner Flutter package.
A decorative square is displayed on the middle of the view until a QR code is detected, which will be animated to the location of the QR code to highlight it. Decoded text is passed to callback function when a QR is detected at the beginning and/or the end of highlight animation.
The location of the detected code on the Flutter’s display is calculated again with Detector and Perspective Transform from zxing which are ported to Flutter.
A controller can also store the text, and provides basic controls such as turning on flashlight and restarting the scan.
It is also possible to style the targetting box.


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